Other Ways to Win - Codes

Besides searching on SwagBucks.com you can also enter codes. Find the code (they appear usually once daily) and enter it into the box on the homepage when you are logged in. You need to act quickly because codes expire after a certain time or sometimes after a certain number of people have claimed it, like the first 500 people. You earn at the very least 1 Buck per code but they have had codes worth 30 before!

Sometimes there are code hunts and you are given a set of clues to find out what the code is. Most of the time they are very simple and take a minute or two to do. Find out about these hunts in the Blog, on Twitter, Facebook or in the Swidget (check the sidebar of my blog and hit SC).

IMPORTANT: codes are case sensitive!!! Most of the time they have both caps and lowercase in the code for example swAgBuckS. This is usually how you can tell what a code is.
IMPORTANT: you are not allowed to post actual codes for other people to see-- your account will be deactivated! It's nice that you want to share, but it's not allowed!

If you want to sign up, go here and get your first 30 Bucks just for signing up.

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