The "Swidget"

The Swidget is a little box that gives you quick access to important SwagBucks info, like the blog, Swag Codes and easy access to the store where you can get prizes with your Bucks. It gets it's name from Swag + widget = Swidget!! It's the easiest way to see if there's a code out. Click on the SC (SwagCodes) button then click Check if there's a Swag Code.

If you see "There is no Swag Code available. Try again later" there is no code on the Swidget. If you see anything else, that means there's a code! Either there will be a word like "swAgbuCkS" (which is the code) or a clue to help you find the code. Remember the code is case sensitive. Enter it exactly as you see or you won't get it!
If it's a clue to a code, usually it is pretty simple to find. Check the blog, Facebook or Twitter.

Get your own Swidget and let people see how many bucks you have earned!

If you want to sign up, go here and get your first 30 Bucks just for signing up.

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