Searching Basics

First of all, the search results that are generated by SwagBucks are powered by Google and; you're going to get pretty good results when you are searching.

You don't need to search for anything specific to win a SwagBuck. Here are some guidelines about to help you get started winning by searching:

1. It doesn't matter what you search for. There are no secret words that will get you a Buck!
2. There is no guarantee when you will win a Buck. Winning is random. So for example you can win on your first search or your 20th.
3. Once you win, you will not win again for a few hours. It seems to take about 4-6 hours to win again. (After midnight SwagBucks seems to "reset" and a lot of people report getting a 'midnight buck')
4. If you search for a while and no Bucks are coming in, take a break from SwagBucks and use another search engine like Google.
5. You can win about 3 or 4 times a day if you search in the morning, the afternoon and before you go to bed. Plus any codes or special offers and you could get 50 bucks a day!!

Mega SwagBucks Day: Friday

On Friday's you have a better chance of winning more than one Buck. If you win 3 or more Bucks in one search, that's considered a "Mega" win! I've won 20 and 30 Bucks on Mega SwagBucks day (and also randomly through out the week).

Ready to start? Sign up for SwagBucks and get your first 30 Bucks just for signing up.

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