What SwagBucks is...

A search engine that pays you to use it. Here's how:
1. You search
2. You earn Bucks
3. You spend your accumulated Bucks on awesome prizes!

Things you can buy include:
$5 Amazon.com e-giftcards (cost: 450 SwagBucks)
$5 in your Paypal account (700 SB)
iPods and MP3 players (3000-50,000+ SB)
Music and Movie posters (1250-1500 SB)

$150 in Amazon gift cards (and enough Bucks to get 6 more- that's another $30 worth of gift cards FREE!)

This is just by searching by myself and using the website regularly in the past few months.

You do not need to pay for anything! Even shipping prizes to you is free! (And shipping from Amazon can be paid with your gift cards)

You win every few hours when you search, usually around 10 bucks per win (but sometimes up to 50). On Fridays it's possible to win much more because that's their big giveaway day!

There are other ways to get yourself some bucks too, the next most popular and easiest way being codes. Simply find the code and enter it in and you've earned yourself at least one more buck!

Find codes at the following places:
SwagBucks Blog

If you want to sign up, go here and get your first 30 Bucks just for signing up.

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