Why I Use Swagbucks.com

Hi! My name is Mandy and I want to show you how you can win free stuff like me! Beside sending away for free samples, entering sweepstakes and playing instant win games, I use Swagbucks.com. I first heard about Swagbucks probably about a year ago and thought it was too good to be true. Bloggers were raving about how wonderful Swagbucks.com was and how much they were loving it and I didn't understand what they were gushing about. To me it sounded like a scam.

For a few months I remained skeptical every time another blogger mentioned Swagbucks and I just rolled my eyes at them. Meanwhile, they were all earning digital points and getting free stuff! I became curious after reading about it constantly for a few months on everyone's blogs. They still loved this website even after months after joining. They were getting stuff and loving it. I decided to see what was so amazing about Swagbucks that people would not shut up about it!

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